With so many fabulous writers on Medium, why would you bother following me?

In which I attempt to write an illuminating bio so that I can persuade you to follow me and read my various scribblings.

I’m in my 57th year on a rock hurtling around a star, and that question gets easier to answer the older I get. And tougher. Sometimes, I…

I knew repatriating would be hard, but I didn’t realise how challenging it would be

I ’m missing Hanoi like crazy. So much so, that when I see pictures, I get quite teary. I have flashbacks where I see myself walking to the supermarket, cycling to Keep Hanoi Clean, strolling to my Vietnamese lessons at Oriberry, chilling in my apartment and waiting for my Vietnammm…

The Prime Minister’s speech brought back memories of sexual assault I’d rather forget

Content warning: this essay talks about sexual assault. Mine. If you need help, contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline.

I’ve not thought about it often and when I do, it’s not for long, because I’ve buried it. And I want it to stay buried.

But now, at this time in…

Diane Lee

Australian freelancer taking the scenic route through life. I write mainly about our relationships with each other: good, bad and ugly. Occasional poet. Virgo.

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