Some of My Best Stories… So Far

In which, meta-like, I bring my best stories on Medium together in one story

For your reading enjoyment, I present eleven of (what I think) are my best stories. These stories may not have had the most eyeballs or claps or comments or highlights, but they are pieces I consider to be the essence of me as a writer, and of which I’m most proud.

These stories underscore the inconvenient truth that I am a curious writer, who often writes to find out what I think, to untangle a problem, to ponder sometimes unanswerable questions. I’m a writer who has many messy interests and works across a range of niches: work, culture, society, relationships, travel, as you will see.

Single life

Power and patterns

Life in Vietnam

Australian writer recently returned from 4 years living in Vietnam. Editor of Vox Virtus and Abroadingly. Blogs at and

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