I wish I was living your dream… bits of it anyway. The bit that I’d like to be living is the freedom, or the ideal of freedom that you represent. I always wanted to be a digital nomad, before the term was de rigeur. I’m 52. But I didn’t do it when I was young… and then I had a child and a mortgage and a career and then I woke up one morning (actually a lot of mornings) wondering why I was traipsing into work to do a job that I cared nothing for. What I yearn for is freedom: the freedom to not do as well as the freedom to do. Freedom to not have to work and the freedom to choose. The freedom to pack up and travel somewhere for months on end and the freedom to not go anywhere. I think this idea is something I need to explore in my own writing! Blog post to follow 😉

Australian writer recently returned from 4 years living in Vietnam. Editor of Vox Virtus and Abroadingly. Blogs at dianelee.com.au and travellinghomebody.com.

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