Meerkat with a “Really, Medium?” quizzical expression on its face.
Meerkat with a “Really, Medium?” quizzical expression on its face.
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

I’m an old-new writer on Medium. I started on the platform waaaaaay back in 2016 when it was free… and didn’t seem to have so many benefits for a writer like me who just wanted to get their writing in front of an audience, compared with say, WordPress. WordPress was the place to be back then and, while you couldn’t monetise as such (unless you had a self-hosted site), there was a huge community of readers and bloggers.

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Image source WP Engine from waaaaay back in 2016
  • If I can’t seem to get my stories curated, do I keep submitting them, knowing that if I don’t, I could miss out on something going viral?
  • I’ve heard that curation is no guarantee of story success, so am I better off just doing my own thing and not go down the curation path at all?
  • Do I take myself out of the curation game entirely?
  • Should I give Medium a big miss, and take my words somewhere less inherently subjective?
  • Should I just try and SEO and AdSense the crap out of my blog instead? Or resurrect my self-publishing empire?
  • Maybe a big, fat publication will notice what I write and publish it
  • Maybe I’ll make decent coin
  • Maybe it’s better to be here as a writer than anywhere else at the moment
  • Maybe Medium will change its approach to how it rewards writers
  • Maybe curators will become inherently objective
  • Maybe there’ll be a zombie apocalypse and publishing on Medium will be the least of my worries.

Australian writer recently returned from 4 years living in Vietnam. Editor of Vox Virtus and Abroadingly. Blogs at and

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