Who Am I? And Why Follow Me?

With so many fabulous writers on Medium, why would you bother following me?

Me in Hong Kong in 2012. It seems like a lifetime ago.

What do I write about?

For fun, I write essays and memoirs and attempt poetry. Sometimes, I write fiction. Sometimes I teach these things, or parts of these things. And for profit, I write and edit for businesses and corporations and multi-nationals. I have a novel I’ve been working on for twenty years. I hope I finish it some day, but it’s not looking promising.

What about this writing on Medium thing?

I have been on Medium, off and on, since 2016. I am rarely curated, which probably says more about Medium than it does about me. But here are posts that did make the grade:

My Medium publications

Like many writers here, I do edit a couple of Medium publications. Both are new. Both need followers. And if you’d like to write for either, please email me.

Subscribe, but it’s totally up to you

If you go to my blog and like what you read and want to get regular updates, you can. A friendly box will pop up and ask you for your email address. Give it or not. Up to you. Or you can subscribe by clicking here.

Australian freelancer taking the scenic route through life. I write mainly about our relationships with each other: good, bad and ugly. Occasional poet. Virgo.

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